Exploring The Charms of Old Town in front of the camera despite the Busy Crowds

If you ever been to Stockholm (or if you live here) then you probably know that Gamla Stan is one of the busiest areas in the city center. The tiny island that holds all the charm of our old town with the colorful buildings and amazingly narrows streets mesmerizes many tourists that come to Stockholm. And it is therefore naturally also a favorite spot for photo sessions for many families & couples inquiring about a vacation photo shoot.

So how on earth can you have a photo session with a 4-member family there without crowds ruining your photos? The secret is - you have to know where to go and where not to go! Despite it being a tiny island there's plenty of little corners and streets that allow for a lot of fun in front of the camera without crowds or limited ones at least. But it is important to choose a photographer who've done their homework when it comes to locations, especially when you'd love to have a session in typical tourist areas around the city center.

As a photographer who loves to constantly play a tourist in my own city and scout for new and interesting locations, I have my army of beautiful spots and off-beaten paths around every busy famous area in Stockholm; places that you would hardly be looking for in a typical travel guide. ;)

It's a hidden passion of mine (right after photography!) to show off spots around Stockholm that your travel guide didn't even know existed. :) And it makes me extra happy when I manage to take actual Stockholmers to places they've never been too, despite living in the city. ♥

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