Paper Airplanes & Fallen Logs

Documentary Family Photographer Stockholm

I met this energetic Australian family to celebrate the expectancy of their third baby.

The family requested nature locations, so we met in a big field with fallen logs in central Stockholm, a perfect spot for that pure child's joy of wanderlust.

As usual there was no script to the session. I love letting kids take over and find for themselves what they want to do.

Once I pointed to the fallen logs, they instantly fell in love with it and the natural moments just unfolded.

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Special interaction between siblings

Peekaboo to Chase The Tears Away

unique moment that unfolded

Big Sister Comforting Her Little Brother

Stockholm Family Photographer

Stockholm Family Photographer

Picnic & Paper Airplanes

Picnic & Paper Airplanes

Once the family sat down to the picnic, I took out a stack of papers and suggested folding paper airplanes. Little did I know how much fun it would bring!

The whole family got into folding, while Junie, the little girl, loved putting them into test and throwing them into the windy evening.

The picnic part is always such a beautiful time when many cuddling emotional moments unfold.

It's also a great way how to re-fuel the kids after initial running so they keep up going in a good mood!

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Sunset Wanderlust

Once paper airplanes and picnic fun were all wrapped up and new energy gained, we ventured into the field again, just in time for that breathtaking evening light before saying goodbye.

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after children's footsteps

Genuine Love Making It into Your Photos

As part of the session we also wanted to take a few shots of the expecting mom with her bump so while the dad took the kids to run around, me and Emma, the mom, took an opportunity to take a few maternity portraits. But then, just in theme of pure documentary session, little Junie ran into the frame to hug her mother and we got these amazing memories imprinted in time.

Saying Goodbye with a Few More Mother-Daughter Moments

As the sun was setting down and we were approaching wrapping up our session, I could see that little Junie was not at all ready to go home. It's not the first time it happened, it's actually quite often that kids have so much fun during the session with all the exploring freedom and undivided parent's attention that it's hard for them to let go.

While the family was packing up the picnic blankets, Junie kept running around. So I suggested for her to surprise her mom with a hug attack before going back to the car and this pure magic unfolded...