We are in love with every detail, the doors, the bridge, the bike, the Swedish flag. We wondered if it was really us because we look so happy in every photo. Thank you for your hard work and the great memory. It will always have a special place in our hearts!

Jonas & Sinja

Surprise Proposal in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Oh how I love to plan these surprise proposals and document all the incredible reactions! Jonas & Sinja traveled to Stockholm from Germany. It was a surprise trip organized by Jonas for Sinja’s brithday as he planned to propose to her. It was all supposed to go down on a day right before Midsummer Eve. Little did we know what a night it would turn out to be, both in terms of love & sunset light!

Jonas contacted me a few months prior and we planned the entire move together! Everything from outfits, best location that had the typical Stockholm views but wasn’t crowded, all the way to the exact steps of execution. I even took my husband out to the location that Jonas chose for his proposal and we prepared a visual guide for him so that he knew where to stand and how to get to the place of his choice.

I remember walking behind Jonas & Sinja on the evening of the proposal as they exited a restaurant in Gamla Stan and made their way to THE place – everything a part of our very sneaky plan.

I’m so happy the whole thing worked out perfectly and we ended up having a magical evening in the streets of Stockholm. They were so full in their bliss and could not stop grinning. We talked and shared things about our lives, I took them around the best spots of central Stockholm and it turned out to be an incredible adventure!

That night, I enjoyed being their tour guide just as much as the photographer, showing off Stockholm in all its beauty while documenting the blissful happiness of two lovers imprinted in the streets of our majestic city.

Isn't that a memory worth of creating?

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