Surprise Anniversary Session

...when you think you're just walking to the anniversary dinner

This was a very special occasion to shoot in a very special way!

I was approached by Pia, a colleague photographer for whom I captured motherhood photos a few years back, with a request for a surprise city couple session as she and her partner celebrated 20-year anniversary.

The plot twist was to capture them while they would be walking towards the restaurant for their anniversary dinner from their hotel room, which is about a 25 min walk!

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planned to the tiniest detail

So how can something like that actually go down?

Because we only had about 25 min for the whole thing and they would walk a specific route between the hotel and the restaurant, I had to work with what I had and plan our stops along the way effectively.

We would start at Malmskillnadsbron that goes above Kungsgatan in central Stockholm and walk down to Sveavägen. I got to the spot an hour before our meeting time and checked every little corner looking for beautiful views and interesting perspectives.

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Show Time!

We met at Malmskillnadsbron (the bridge in central Stockholm) and that's when Pia actually revealed to her partner that they would be having a mini couple session as they walked towards the dinner spot! I wanted to preserve the natural vibe to their photos and really wanted them to feel relaxed.

Even though, it was a rush afternoon hour, they managed to get lost in each other with a bit of my guidance and enjoyed the moments together in a way that made it possible to capture all these beautiful natural moments!

surprise that keeps on delivering

The story doesn't end...

Pia wanted to surprise her partner once again with a finished gallery that they could look at together in their hotel room once they came back from the dinner!

And so I took myself to the nearest coffee shop, made a selection of the best pictures and expressly edited their happiness!

I'm glad to report that the whole session was a huge success and I was honoured to get to document something so original and special. ♡

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