Early Morning Exploring

When Gamla Stan is most beautiful and the streets belong to you

Gamla Stan island, famous for its narrow streets and colourful buildings, is one of the most sought after locations on my vacation Stockholm shoots!

Mornings in Gamla Stan have a completely different vibe compared to later in a day. The morning sun throwing shadows on the cobble stones and the buildings around, the empty streets and the lazy calm atmosphere make you feel like you're in a little town somewhere in the Mediterranean rather than in Nordics.

It's truly one of the best times to explore it!

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Romantic Stroll As a Highlight of Your Nordic Vacation

Mornings in Nordics mean Coffee time

Because your Vacation photoshoot should be about experience I love to take you, after all the walking, for a cup of coffee, ice-cream or whatever you fancy, just as you probably would if you were exploring the city by yourselves.

Amanda & Michael here decided to have a bit of fun with a camera I gave them and captured photos of each other as they drank their coffee.

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creating memories by embracing the culture

Finishing the Stockholm Vacation Shoot with Water Views & Some Vintage Vibe

After the coffee shop, Amanda wished to go near the waterfront to take a few photos in a vintage style with her husband and I couldn't say no to such request! We exited Gamla Stan and I took them to the lane along the water just in front of the Parliament building with the beautiful view of typical Stockholm skyline where we had a bit of fun with the two cameras again! I took photos of their silly time together and they tried to take photos of each other. I incorporated the photos they took into their gallery as a special gift of special memories they created together during our session!

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